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UTStats was developed by azazel, )°DoE°(-AnthraX, PJMODOS and toa.
All original pages are W3C HTML 4.01 and CSS compliant

Change Log

beta 4.2.9 (14/3/2021 by [-bmb-tekbaron-])
Added support for MaxMind GeoIP Legacy PHP API

beta 4.2.8 (23/7/2011 by Rork)
Bug Fixes:
Fixed explain rankings (reported by Letylove49)
Fixed delete player (reported by The Cowboy)
Fixed delete player from match
Fixed support for LMS++

beta 4.2.7 (24/4/2011 by Rork)
IP Information in extended player info
Possible fake nicks in extended player info
Added support for LMS+

Bug Fixes:
Fixed player deletion
Fixed DOM import with bots
Fixed player info BT records
Fixed order players in playersearch
Fixed player time on server longer then gametime
Fixed lms player sorting
Fixed lms ttl
Fixed SQL table creation (reported by PopCorn)

beta 4.2.6 (04/12/2010 by Rork)
Bug Fixes:
Fixed serveral vulnerabilities
Fixed DOM specific map page not showing
Fix Assault Match looks
Add support for new BT times
Fixed CTF Match Reports

beta 4.2.5 (23/10/2010 by Rork)
Game time in match stats
Added applicable totals per gametype on the mappage
Bunny Track stats, BT++ support only
Server configuration checker/database setup
UTDC Screenshots viewer
ACE Logviewer
Added out time in LMS
Added number of players to recent matches
Hide not applicable statistics from player pages
Various lay-out improvements
Filters in maplist
Show Score under Match Totals for teamgames
Added debug messages

Bug Fixes:
Fixed delete player from match
Fixed bug where players are spec after merging or teamchange
Fixed effective rank after merging players
Dirty fix for divide by zero bug on logimport (was line 47) (gametime = 0)
Fixed dodgy import log recognition
Fixed playerlink in explain ranking
Two bug fixes by Enakin reported in the 4.2.3 release thread
Fixed LMS ttl by using the time until the player is out.
Sorted LMS players by ttl, the winner on top
Fixed php shorttag in import_playerstuff.php
Prevent removing files from ftp after error
Prevent importing empty log after ftp error
Made the main pages W3C HTML 4.01 Compliant
Fixed some vulnerabilities

beta 4.2.4 (10/04/2010 by Loki)
Breakdown of server occupation per weekday (By Loki)
Breakdown of country of origin (By Loki)
Included IpToCountry patch into the release, added GeoIP.dat from March 2010 (By Loki)

Bug Fixes:
Fixed PHP opening tags (By Loki)

beta 4.2.3 (18/01/09 by 2399Skillz)
Bug Fixes:
Lots of bug fixes/database corrections (By Enakin)

beta 4.2.2 (30/12/08 by 2399Skillz)
Option to import AnthChecker logs (admin viewable only) (Added by Skillz)
New player merger page for admins(Added by killereye)

Bug Fixes:
UT Stats DOM fix (Edited by killereye)

beta 4.2 (20/10/2005 by Azazel)
Ranking re-calculation option added to admin section
Import and display player pings
Explain Ranking page
Added an option to the admin page to delete temporary tables (if any)

Bug Fixes:
Import fix for MySQL v3.x
Partial Import delete fix
bbcode and Clanbase Report Fix - not showing high score win reports.
Ranking fix (was more than 300 mins to get full ranking points)
Spectator fix (was logging players as spectators)
Efficiency on Players Total worked out as SUM rather than AVG
Clanbase report fixed
Totals on Totals Page fixed
Events on Totals Page only show if they really happened
Number of matches on Totals Page fixed
Fixed a crash when trying to import logs that didnt contain IP records
Maps sometimes appeared twice on the maps list / incorrect map statistics
First/Prev/Next/Last links on map stas page were not working correctly
Improved server actor version uploaded (old one may have caused some server lag at times)
Updated import.php for new server actor
Few actor fixes
Weapon stats for second attacking team in assault games were not correct (reported by wgray8231)
Delete player from match didn't correctly remove the player from the match (reported by wgray8231)

beta 4.0
Many pages overhauled
Database overhauled
Option to import bots or not (off by default)
Command Line Interface now outputs to text not html
Ranking stuff on match and player pages include gold/silver/bronze cups for each gametype
Rankings tweaked so new players get even less points
Maps page now sortable
Flag Assists now show, get the new Smart CTF
Report generator outputting to Clanbase and bbcode format
Support added for custom weapons and gametypes
Admin page including server/player merging, deletion of players/matches, renaming of "game types" etc
Option to compress logs when backing them up (requires bzip/gzip support in php)
More debugging stuff added
Accuracy package optimised and recoded for better performance (it will not lag the server in anyway now)
More detailed weapon statistics added
Totals page expanded with information like on the old NGStats
JailBreak should now display its statistics properly
Purge logs option added
Graphs now display better regardless of data used
CTF4 Compatibility
Date and Game Type filtering on Recent Matches page
Ability to Ban players
Ability to ignore matches < X minues in length
IP Search within Administration
Ability to ignore matches less than X minutes in length
Option to import UTDC logs (admin viewable only)

Bug Fixes:
Ranking overhauled to better reflect average game play of players
Cleaned up the importer
Teamscores now shown correctly regardless of player switching activity
Kills matrix is now created on combined player records
Kills against bots no longer counted if bots are not imported
Domination logs only log when players are in
Teamkills identified as kills in non-team games (gg Epic :/)
Eff etc fixed because of above Teamkills bug
Last line not logging of buffer fixed

beta 3.2
Debugging Option
Better FTP Capabilities
Filters carried over on next last etc on player page

Bug Fixes:
Imports failing on some versions of php 4.3.x
Totals page fixed
Totals info at the top of match pages fixed

beta 3.1
Kills Matchup Matrix Country Flags for Players
Hover Hints over key parts of the page (eg. K F D S)
Some Graphs

Bug Fixes:
Importer can now import unlimited logs
Kills on match pages not listed
Games where nothing happens no longer imported
Players who have 0 kills & 0 deaths no longer get imported
FTP script re-written
Pickups removed from insta pages
Translocator entries removed from logs (throws not kills)
Multis & Sprees report correct player now
Kills correctly worked out on non-Team Games
Frags correctly worked out on all games

beta 3.0
SmartCTF events
UTGL Compatibility

UTStats actor re-written from scratch, it now uses NGLog files
Database re-written from scratch
PHP code re-written from scratch

Bug Fixes:
Too many to think about

beta 2.0
Code rewritten from ground up then lost :(

beta 1.2
Accuracy Code (best in insta but works on all weapons)
UT2004 spree scheme
Who killed the Flag Carrier

Complete overhaul of pages/theme to mimic closley UT2004 Stats by Epic
Cap times added to Clanbase Report
Stats database, now at least 10-20x smaller

Bug Fixes:
TeamKills no longer appear in DM
TeamKills no longer mess up overall stats
Bot kills etc no longer included in overall stats
Sprees are unique

beta 1.1
Clanbse Reports for CTF Match's
30 Recent Match's to Player View

beta 1
Stats output for:
Player Joins/Leaves
Match Start/End
Frags and Item Pickups
Sprees (Doubles/Multis and Domination/Monster etc)

To Do List

Centralise stats
Web based installer
Other Anticheat log parser. (UTPure, EUT, etc..)
Multi language support
Add sftp support
Add siege support
Wins/Losses to the Career summary
Killgraph as in utstatsdb


Epic for making a game that we still play
kostaki for the database pointers, scoring system and the inzane public servers :)
Limited for the late night sesions, the linux script and the original zero_out function
L0cky and Flash for the original FTP Script
Loph for the 6 different reports o/
Rush for the improved linux script, testing, suggestions and bug finding
TNSe for being TNSe
Truff for testing, suggestions and constant bug finding
Truff Community for testing, suggestions and input testers and suggesters

Copyright Notices

Copyright (C) 2004/2005 UTStats

This program is free software; you can redistribute and/or modify
it under the terms of the Open Unreal Mod License.

If you do make any changes, fixes or updates posting them on the
forum would be appreciated.

UT Query PHP script v1.01 by Almar Joling, 2003

pemftp Class by Alexey Dotsenko <alex at paneuromedia dot com>

GeoLite data created by MaxMind
Available from

overLIB by Erik Bosrup

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UTStats Beta 4.2.9 © 2005 azazel, AnthraX and toa